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Tobi Hunt creates innovative events to bring entrepreneurs together for high impact business networking and community support.


Each month, over 50 attendees at Hunt's Lunch & Network meeting exchange ideas for promoting their local businesses while gaining wisdom from masterful speakers.


Tobi also hosts, “Brunch and Network”, “Les Femmes Connect” a women’s Meetup group, From Rookie to Rockstar”  Speaker Events, Dynamite Divas Women’s Expo” and “The New York/New Jersey Gals” dinner meetings for women to connect on a more personal level and develop viable strategic partnerships for their businesses.

In recent years, Tobi Hunt Events has generated over $3500 to local mental health facilities and programs – an area that is close to her heart since a family member was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2001.


Her passionate pursuit of promoting local entrepreneurs while positively impacting the mental health community is unrelenting as she supports the growing purchasing power of women through her adorable purse power pins.



The Lunch and Network events are always dynamic and energizing! They are open to both men and women.  Read below for  the benefits

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Benefits from attending Lunch and Network Events:

  • No Annual Fee and No Monthly Commitment

  • Enjoy a fabulous buffet lunch with soft drinks and dessert

  • Build relationships and make personal and business connections with fellow attendees by attending on a regular basis

  • Experience how business is really happening and power partnerships are forming!

  • You will have the opportunity to talk about your business with some fabulous networkers at your table

  • You can showcase your business inexpensively with a vendor 8 foot table-top booth for $50 with a 2-minute commercial in front of the entire group

  • Give away a $25 door prize and receive 25 seconds in front of the group to share your name and business name

  • Hear a fantastic, energetic monthly speaker

  • Win a door prize as you leave the event


  • The next New York/New Jersey Gals Dinner event will be announced soon

  • You must be from New York or New Jersey to attend.

  • What a blast we have! We meet once a quarter for dinner